vendredi 19 juillet 2013

Making a boy happy!

Give my 3 and 1/2 year old boy a couple of tractors, especially the real stuff, and you will make him really happy. I am wondering if he dreams about them at night...

vendredi 12 juillet 2013

Kitty cats

A family of cats has invaded the terrace of the house, making the kids really really happy. Guess what they do, first thing in the morning?

Chloé & Mathias - France, July 2013

The cows next door

Mathias - France, July 2013

There are three things that Mathias is doing every day no matter what: checking out the neighbour's dog {Bella}, the neighbor's cows {and letting the veals lick his fingers} and playing with the neighbor's cats.

vendredi 5 juillet 2013

Country girl

Chloẻ - France 2013

mercredi 3 juillet 2013

Spiderman 2013

Believe it or not, it's been almost a year since I have last updated this blog. Life's been pretty busy in Tokyo, and I didn't have the power, the energy and maybe something else called "need" to update this blog. I didn't like its design anymore, and I slowly stopped updating it.

I did a couple of posts about our life in Japan on the other side {catch up here} but that's pretty much all. I actually missed documenting our life, it's kind of nice to look back and see the changes we've gone through... So here we are, with a first photo of our summer holiday in France.

Mathias - France 2013

lundi 10 septembre 2012

A weekend in Izu Peninsula

This past weekend we went to Izu peninsula with Papa. We don't have so many chances to see him at the moment as he's working a lot and this little trip was great! Izu is only 200km from Tokyo {south} and it's got beautiful beaches and great food too {although Mathias and I don't know yet how to appreciate it}. We certainly loved our time at the beach!

Look at the crystal clear water!

The photos below were taken on the way down south the peninsula. You can view Mont Fuji in the back. My Papa climbed this mountain last month!

This was our room in the accommodation. We slept on futons all together, Japanese style. How fun!

Photo taken by our host when we left :-)

Mama wrote an entire post about our trip here on her blog; go have a look, she's showing very nice pictures that she took!

Thank you Papa for bringing us there!


It's been a while... Mama has taken a break in August then she has been busy when we got back in Tokyo. We have so many updates for you though!

First of all we've started school last week. We both like it even though Mathias still cries a bit in the morning when Mama drops him at Keiki (the name of his school). Let's go through our "first day pics"!

That's me {Chloe} in my summer school uniform. Mama and Mathias or usually Papa are bringing me to the bus that will bring me to school. The bus leaves at 7:50am and we usually wake up Mama at 5am or 5:30am although she says 6am would be just enough ;-)
The first day though Mama and Mathias brought me to school and we went by normal bus {photo below}:

Mathias is usually going to school by bike and Mama rides it. It's about 4.2km each way and she does it 4 times per day. Wouahou!! So far it hasn't rained so it was ok. When it's really too hot in the afternoon, she goes by bus. Mathias starts school at 9am and finishes at 2:30pm. I finish at 3pm and Mama + Mathias pick me up nearby home at 3:47pm.

Mama's bike

Keiki is the name of Mathias's school. It's small and super very friendly, I love it too! They do a lot of activities and a lot of crafts. I will attend some activities after school at Mathias's school soon :-)

 Mathias didn't cry on his first day. But he certainly did the following days!

Mama trying to snap a photo as Mathias gets into school. Ms Geta is his teacher, she's from Romania and she's lovely!

There are a lot of things going on at school, and we will soon have a big party called Festival of nations, and also a picnic! I can't wait really.
I have also made friends in the bus and in my class. Some are much older than me and they are always very kind. Our neighbours are also half Filipino like us, it's cool! 

More photos to come this week!