lundi 30 novembre 2009

Advent calendar 2009

It is a tradition, every year I have an advent calendar! I love opening the little windows and look at the pictures inside each day.
But this year my Mamie made it very special: every single day I will have a little present when I wake up in the morning!!
Isn't it amazing? I will share with you guys and take a funny picture with my present everyday :)
Starting tomorrow...

dimanche 29 novembre 2009

Christmas tree... my first "real one"...

we bought unbreakable stuff to decorate the christmas tree... so mama does not get crazy every time I approach it!

my christmas tree this year smells very good... we will make it look beautiful, and even put chocolate on it! miam!!

mardi 24 novembre 2009

... work in progress...

100% linen dress embellished with vintage lace and a central embroidery (for a lucky baby girl) - in mama's shop soon

vendredi 20 novembre 2009

at the zoo with Alexandre...

... crocodiles don't scare me since I have been to Darwin...

... gracefully riding the Ben&Jerrys moooooo!

jeudi 19 novembre 2009

I love cooking... like Papa!!

summer cooking in France with Mamie... August 2009

mercredi 18 novembre 2009

mercredi 11 novembre 2009

mardi 10 novembre 2009

at the zoo with my friend Alexandre...

we spent many hours at the zoo last saturday, it was great! I have seen the white tigers, kangaroos, hippopotamus, monkeys, an elephant and then the sea lion shows and plenty more. I also had a chocolate ice cream - that I did not finished (!).

dimanche 8 novembre 2009

vendredi 6 novembre 2009

a lot to catch up on...

latest Comfort Dolls by mama

hello everyone! long time no see... we have been busy over here as my mama is making a lot of nice stuff for her etsy shop and also for me... not mentioning that my social life is also pretty busy at the moment!

i will talk more about my holidays in france last august soon, but in the meantime here are updates of what happened in the past 2 months:

we've done some cooking (biscuits, crepes etc...)

I attended many birthday parties in october, including my friend Joshua's

last friday we had our halloween party at school! good opportunity to put on my clown's outfit... merci mamie!

... we are BACK!!!

hello everyone, mama and i are back to continue letting you know what's going on here...
NEW: the blog is going to be mainly written in english for all my friends and family there to be able to understand what we are talking about...