mardi 31 août 2010

Trip to Tekka market in Little India

The boys teaming up... Mathias really enjoying his new status...

oups distracted by a car coming out...

keeping well hydrated... and fighting the awful smell in this market...

miam, our lunch is just inches away from us...

colors and shapes

appreciating the view...

Japanese fan...

lundi 30 août 2010

Mathias - backpack

Mama and Papa have bought a new baby carrier for Mathias because they complain that Mathias is too heavy to be carried in the front and the stroller is not always a convenient solution... It was tried first thing in the morning and as you can see everyone was still sleepy!

Ps: Mathias loves it!!!

jeudi 26 août 2010

Portrait gallery

Amber - 7 years old

Abigail - 6 years old

Hanah - 5 years old

James - nearly 4 years old

Oliver - 2 years old

Elle - 2 years old

Xavier - nearly 7 months old

mardi 24 août 2010

Bidding a farewell to a friend - Part 1

So my old friend Asher has left Singapore last Thursday... my mum with Latisha and Nicholas's mums organized a BBQ party for Asher and his parents the weekend beforehand. It was great and we had a blast playing all together by the pool till "late" in the evening (8pm that is).
Here below are the first few pictures of the evening... more to come in the coming days...

So much food as usual...

Les Trois Mousquetaires


Niru and Lilian

Niru, Lilian and Mama

Timothy and Niru

lundi 23 août 2010

Visite surprise!!

Last Friday we had the delightful surprise of seeing my Ate Chenel and Kuya Angelo together with Tita and Tito on their way back from holidays in Thailand!
I was so happy I had the most exciting weekend and I loved sharing my room and my toys with my cousins :)
First time ever I cried (read "screamed") on Saturday night when they left.
Tito said he will buy me a ticket to visit them...

Tita Susan with Mathias

Mathias having fun

Ate Chenel - 10 years old

Me, in yet another swimsuit!

Kuya Angelo, 8 years old

Ate Chenel leaving

"I want to go to your house, I want to go to your house" said Chloe, crying.

samedi 21 août 2010

Scared face {Mathias}

* Can't remember who took this picture, but it could as well be Chloe (up from a chair)

vendredi 20 août 2010

jeudi 19 août 2010


Hahaaaa..... do you know this trick?

mercredi 18 août 2010

Chloe and Asher - 2008 and now

Time flies... make the most of it!

August 2010

lundi 16 août 2010


16th of August, 2008 in Bremoncourt (France)

samedi 14 août 2010

Asher is leaving us!

Asher's eyes!

Good friends of 2 years!

Having fun at the party

Latisha shy in front of the camera

Devlin sharing Asher's passion for cars