mercredi 29 février 2012

Last Christmas.... lalalalala...

Here is another couple of pics that got forgotten in Mama's iPhone... and by luck a nice photo of her that I took {Chloé}

mardi 28 février 2012

Things we did last year...

Forgotten photos... Mama has found photos in her phone that had never been saved in her computer. At the end of last year Mathias caught the hand-foot-mouth disease that easily spreads around. For this reason I was not allowed to go to school... This one activity that we did one afternoon: we both loved it and would love to do it again Mama!

 Hands-on craft at the nearby square

We collected leaves and wooden sticks and included them in our painting. We also tried to make some prints with the leaves but it didn't work very well actually.

We didn't keep this real piece of art, but we had a blast and made memories which is all what counts!

lundi 27 février 2012

Sunday afternoon activity... {Chloé}

Mama was too tired yesterday to bring us outside... it looks like our birthday party really took all her energy out! My Papa is in Tokyo for one week (he didn't want to bring us all along...), so we were on our own!
We finished to clean up, then went to the pool, had lunch and did some PAINTING before Mathias went to sleep... 

I have received a "diva doll to paint" for my birthday, and I really couldn't wait any longer to get my hands on it!

-> Chloé to my comment that she was not painting her doll well enough: "But I am not an artist Mama"...

 Mr 10min-attention-spam... hmm, time to send you to school little boy!

dimanche 26 février 2012

Pirate Party Over!

Our pirate party is over! it took place last Saturday and we had a blast with most of our friends around us... hopefully we will have some nice pics to share here with you very soon!
Stay tuned...

Birthday Girl {Chloe}

 My birthday was last Thursday... since my Mama was so busy preparing our party on Saturday, she invited my girlfriend over for a playdate right after school! we had a blast playing in my room first, then watching the DVD of Bambi next before Mama took some time off and brought us to our favorite ice-cream shop: The Daily Scoop!!
Liv and Karyna had lemon sorbet and I got my regular scoop of strawberry ice-cream...

 Princess Liv

 Princess Chloe (with her new mermaid/ Princess Ariel doll)

 Princess Karyna

 Prince Mathias (always on the move!)

 The Princesses gang (Emma was missing unfortunately!)

How much do you love my new dress? -> handmade by my Mama for my birthday

samedi 25 février 2012

Making sausages {Chloe}

 Last Sunday I helped my Papa make sausages for my birthday party... from scratch!

mardi 7 février 2012

Birthday Boy {Mathias}

 At the Botanic gardens for breakfast...

le gang des trottinettes...

 tous les deux en bleu et blanc!


 we went to my friend Sofia's house in the late afternoon, 
and Mama made her chocolate cake. 

Mathias blowing the candles, he was so proud!