mardi 29 novembre 2011

Mon petit elfe de Noel

Mama: We started making our Christmas tree last Sunday as everything is ready here in Singapore from the 1st of November... we are kinda late, you know!

Chloe: We are doing it after Mathias is in bed at night so that we can actually ENJOY it. I love decorating the Christmas tree with Mama. I feel very special to be allowed to stay up "late" and choose the baubles to hang on our tree. We are not finished yet, but it already looks beautiful as it is now :-)

In my favorite PJ's from my Nanai...

jeudi 17 novembre 2011

Mathias with Oscar

Le coin des gourmands!

Photos de Marion, maman d'Oscar

mercredi 16 novembre 2011

Build a Bear Birthday Party

Birthday parties never really stop... and the more friends you have the more parties you will (have to) attend.
On Monday last week was Karyna's birthday party - she was turning 4, and it was a very fun one for the kids. They got to "build" their own Teddy Bear and choose her/ his clothes. They had a blast and Bear Chloe is now sleeping every night with Miss C.

 Kids got to choose the color of their bear...

 Group photo with the bears...

Chloe with sweet Karyna and their bears

 Oh my, a Princess cake!

 Karyna is blowing the candles, and Chloe is making a wish! LOL

Now time to go home, every bear is cozily put inside a cardboard house with goodies:

Chloe with her friend Liv

A little man...

Mathias's turn to wait for the bus with Mama... such a stylish little boy :-)
He's in love with his winter shoes from Switzerland (almost too small) and like to rock them now and then (ok, actually everyday despite the heat!)

Welcome to our new cousin Isabelle!

Last November 8 at 3:28pm was born our cousin Isabelle Sofia Grace Diamse, sister of Miguel. Congratulation to the whole family for this gorgeous baby! Welcome to the world Isabelle, we can't wait to meet you...

Tita Sally with Isabelle and Tito Michael with Miguel!

jeudi 10 novembre 2011

Birthday Parties

October has been a busy month with loads of parties to attend... we started with Olivers's and Nicholas's parties {sorry no photos of the great train party of Oliver}, then it was Romy's "by the pool" party {no photos}, then Arsene's {with a magician!}, then Grace's princess party {no photos sorry}, and finally Guillaume & Kara's pirates/ mermaid party {last 2 photos}. I love the month of October, every year we get to go to so many parties!! but I think Mama is not as happy...

 Nicholas's birthday party at Fidgets. Can you see me?

Arsene's birthday party in the condominium.
Have you spotted me in the 1st & 3rd pictures?
-> why are my kids always so close to the birthday cake?

At Guillaume & Kara's party...

We also had a very scary Halloween party that my Mama organised. Almost all of us from the condo where here in our scary costumes and we had so much fun! Check out the pictures tomorrow ;-)

mercredi 9 novembre 2011

Miss Chloe

I am very much behind over here... but I have a lot of photos to share so be ready to see them all in the coming days! Life has been busy {wich is good} but I can't wait for our Christmas break ;-)

Miss Chloe ready for an afternoon in Orchard with Mama