vendredi 25 décembre 2009

CHRISTMAS DAY: time to open my presents!

... Papa, don't worry Mama has taught me a long time ago how to use her scissors... I am pretty good at it!

I have got a CD player, so that I will be able to listen to my music and whenever I want to dance (which is super often) !

... Oh! Santa Klaus did not forget to bring me a brand new scooter to replace mine which disappeared overnight a few weeks ago (still a mystery)...

... and what could be hidden in this unusual "wrapping paper"?

... Gosh, a kitchen, just to copy my Papa and invite my friends over for a cup of tea! Great!!!

mercredi 23 décembre 2009

mardi 22 décembre 2009

What we do before Christmas...

If you wonder why you haven't received any box full of Christmas biscuits from us, let me tell you that a little mouse (or maybe two little mice) have been taking care of them...

jeudi 17 décembre 2009

Excursion to the "farm"

A few month ago I went to see farm animals in a remote area of Singapore with my very good friends Asher and Nicholas (Nicky). It was fun as we were able to feed the many rabbits, turtles, frogs or fishes (we were scared of the goat).

mercredi 16 décembre 2009

Lilly Rose's Bday party

Last Sunday I attended Lilly Rose's birthday party. The theme was princesses and ballerinas which gave me the opportunity to wear the pretty dress my Papa bought me last time he went to Manila. We put some make up on (I love it!) and Mama let me wear the beautiful brooch with the glitter and the feathers. Of course it would not have been complete without my winds and my magic wand!

Lilly Rose was a gracious and elegant ballerina...

Here is my friend Ines with her mummy; she was wearing Sleeping Beauty's dress

... and the cake! my dear I immediately wanted to taste the fabulous flowers!

I am never too far from who is blowing the candles on the cake...

mardi 15 décembre 2009

I have a new cousin!

today my cousin Miguel Isaac was born in Sydney! I can't wait to be able to share a picture of him with his proud Mum and Dad :)

Advent calendar: day 15

vendredi 11 décembre 2009

Bye Bye Auntie "Crecy"

This is Auntie Precy (Chloe can't pronounce "Pr" and calls her "Crecy"); she has been helping cleaning the apartment since I got pregnant. From next week onwards a young lady called Grace will join us as a full-time helper... so today was Auntie Precy's last day...

Advent calendar: day 11

twinkle, twinkle little star...

jeudi 10 décembre 2009

Ready gift!

Mama has finished the little baby dress (9-12 months)! it is packed and ready for purchase in the shop here: Etincelle Studio

Advent calendar: day 10

mardi 8 décembre 2009

Baking Christmas cookies...

Last Friday we had a very great playdate with my German friends Anna and Carla (there was also Anna's friend Zoe)! Our mummies had organized for us a Christmas cookies baking session. We made a lot of delicious cookies coming in all shapes (stars, hearts, tree, bear...), ate a lot of dough and a few of the cookies too...
It was so much fun! Thanks Anna, Carla and Anja!
Ps: Mama forgot to take pictures of me... but I was there!


Anna and Zoe

Advent calendar: day 8