samedi 30 avril 2011

Playground in Summer Hill

It was not as hot in Sydney as it is in Singapore... we were able to spend many hours at the playground even in the middle of the day! we loved so much the playground near Tito Jeff's house.
Mama brought us there a couple of times, and once I played with little girls and they even gave me a multi color ice cream!
I love being on holidays! My Mama says that while on holidays we don't have to follow all the rules and it's ok to eat ice cream almost every day :)

Mathias often had to nap in his stroller or in the car seat! 
we were always doing something different, I liked it!

Mama! Help!!

With my new girlfriends...

vendredi 29 avril 2011

What we do during our French tuition... {Chloe}

Sometimes we go to the museum, and other times we stay home. But last Thursday my Mama brought me to a cafe called The Pigeon Hole in Tanjong Pagar where you can lie down on bean bags, jump, be noisy, seat on kids chairs, and have yummy hot chocolate!

one whole hot chocolate for myself!

on a lazy and hot afternoon... I have a French tuition after school!

can you identify the drawing I made?

little chicky girl...

Mama gave a whole page with my ABC to write... pff...

Of course I make progress in French but there is still a lot more efforts to provide (Mama said). We speak in French more often though :)

You are right! he got a haircut...

Did you guess yesterday that the difference in the photo was Mathias's haircut? as feared his hair did not curl in Australia, and it did not look so good... so Mama decided it was time to get him his first haircut... he didn't really like it, but he loved to hear that he was looking good and all the attention!
These are the only photos we could snap while at the men saloon...


Happy little Mathias...

jeudi 28 avril 2011

Tito Jeff and Tita Cynthia's wedding {Chloe}

In April 16 was my Tito Jeff's wedding... Oh, the weather was quite bad with the rain pouring nearly all day, and it was too cold for me to wear my super cute dress bought especially for the wedding! I was very disappointed but luckily I had my new red shoes to help me get over it.
Mathias was wearing a new outfit too, and everybody said he was handsome. Can you spot a difference on his photo below? Tell me in the comment section ;)

Mathias in his new outfit, ready to go!

I was wearing a nice white dress with my red shoes 
and white socks {and I also had red hair accessories}

Although my Papa knows Sydney very well, he still had to look at the map to find the way to the church. He was one of the groom's best man, and he was busy all day looking after us and doing his duty... poor him!

My Papa took this photo of Mama and I in the church. 
Mathias didn't want to be part of it...

We stayed at the back of the church to see the bride's arrival, and we were not disappointed... Tita Cynthia was so beautiful my Mama nearly cried!

Tita Cynthia with her mum

At the end of the church ceremony, the bride and groom took many pictures... here is the most beautiful one Mama and I could take... See how happy Tito Jeff is!

This is was one of the flower girls {we forgot her name...}. She was so beautiful in her princess dress... I wanted to look like her and I became her friend. She had make up, earrings and shoes with heels and a big white dress like a bride!

One day I will be a flower girl too... which one of my Tatas will get married first?

Papa wants to get married all over again with Mama!!

Doesn't he look handsome? maybe I will get married to my Papa when I am a big girl.

lundi 25 avril 2011

{Singapore - Sydney} April 2011

These are shots taken on our way to Australia... eating some snacks at the Singapore airport before boarding on our plane...


 Mathias's hair is slowly uncurling to Mama's despair... 
... is this a little boy or a little girl in boy's clothes?

I was so excited to get on a plane again I could barely sit on my chair!

 It was a long long flight... arrival at Sydney airport. Quick cafe before Papa went to pick up the car.

 Mathias with his long hair... arghhh!

That's how our holiday started! stay tuned for more photo all week long :)

We are back from Australia!

We are back from our wonderful holiday in Australia! but while Mama is sorting out all the photos (nearly 200 I have heard), here is one that she took just before we left... Mathias still had is long curly hair... yes, there is no more long hair for him... stay tuned!

jeudi 14 avril 2011

French lesson at the National Museum {Chloe}

My Mama has started to teach me French once a week, on Thursday. Last week we went to the National Museum of Singapore as there was an exhibition about little black dresses... My Mama had brought paper and pens and then we drew colorful dresses... and spoke French of course!

Piece of art by Cambodian artist Sopheap Pich using rattan and bamboo
Photo by Mama

Photo by me showing how high it is...

mercredi 13 avril 2011

Oscar 1st Bday party...

Last Sunday we attended Mathias's friend Oscar's first birthday party... it was fun, but unfortunately it rained and we couldn't enjoy the bouncy castle for long enough...
Anyways, his cake was beautiful and delicious too... huh Mathias?

Cake made by Artisan Sweets in Singapore

Someone is admiring the delicious fun-looking cake...

The Bday boy and his mum... before blowing the candle...

mardi 12 avril 2011

Happy Birthday to you!

The Art of drawing {Chloe}

I spend a lot of time at my {bigger} table drawing and drawing some more... I just love it! I always have new ideas to do things and there is nothing more enjoyable than gluing, sticking and cutting paper...

I am a tiny bot shy sometimes...
Drawing a dress {right} and a cake {left}

Voila! c'est fini maintenant...

lundi 11 avril 2011


Yeah!! we are leaving on Wednesday going to Australia and we are all so excited! We are first heading to Sydney to see our family and attend to Tito Jeff's wedding, then head south to Jervis bay... My Mama selected some pictures to show you... Nice, huh?

Jervis bay - Target Beach  - Source

Jervis Bay - Huskisson Beach - Source

We plan to stay at the fabulous Huskisson B&B. I hope to see some kangaroos and dolphins...

Huskisson B&B - Jervis Bay - Huskisson Beach

Lolo, Nanai, Titas, Titos, Ates and Kuyas I will be there soon!!!

jeudi 7 avril 2011

Inspiration for Easter {The Handmade Hullabaloo}

I have done it again... my new post for The Handmade Hullabaloo is live! it's all about Easter decoration... hope you get inspired... Here is a teaser but check the whole post there.

Bluebirds Set by vintagegreenlimited :: Sequin Eggs party Picks by shortcakepartypicks
Easter Bunny Cupcake Topper by TwoSugarBabies
Easter Basket Wooden Blocks by Stackblocks :: Baby Chick Cupcake Topper by TwoSugarBabies

Happy crafting/ decorating everyone!

mardi 5 avril 2011

The Artist {Chloe}

I gave Chloe my old desk from Ikea as she will have much more space for all her creative endeavors... and how prolific she is... I am nearly lost at how to keep track of all her drawings...
People be ready to receive decorative handmade cards in the near future!

"I have lots of work to do Mama, don't disturb me!"