mercredi 24 août 2011

mardi 16 août 2011

A cloud from Argentina {Chloe}

Recently my Mama participated to a handmade gift exchange... It happened that the lady she had to make something for was living in Argentina... her name is Lucrecia, and this is what she sent Mama {and me}: a beautiful and soft cloud. He now sits on my bed and I sleep with it too :)

More photos on my Mama's blog {here}

lundi 8 août 2011

Sofia's birthday party and the Barbie cake {Chloe}

Yesterday we attended my friend's Sofia 4th birthday party. We had so much fun as there was a bouncy castle, face painting, Barbies, and... a beautiful Barbie cake! I had asked one for my last birthday party but Mama told me that there were too many children and she was too busy to attempt to make one. However she promised me to create one for my next birthday. Which is in... 6 months :(

Madison, me and Sofia... and the cake of course!

18 months! {Mathias}

Isn't it hard to believe that my little one has turned 18 months last Friday? 6 more months and he will be ready to start school and join his sister! 

Mathias at the Singapore Art Museum - August 2011

jeudi 4 août 2011

At the Botanic Gardens with Oscar

Last Monday we went to the Botanic Gardens with our friend Oscar to celebrate the Swiss National Day! We had a picnic and so much fun playing outside...

 Oscar is always running all over and I {Chloe} was catching him up... while Mathias was lurking at the chocolate cake!

 Mathias, Maman, Chloe and Oscar

 Mathias, Marion, Oscar and Chloe