samedi 30 juin 2012

Tired us? Never...!!!

In the car, on the way back from Neufchatel in Switzerland
June 27, 2012

Country picnic in France


It's been a while since we last posted pictures of ourselves... and guess what? I am now in France at my Papi and Mamie's house. We arrived two weeks ago with my Mama, and we are enjoying the country side lifestyle a lot. How lucky we are - you are allowed to think so.

Last night we were all by ourselves with Mama, so she decided we should go out in the forest for a picnic. It had been a very long and hot day, and we had spent most of it inside the house, so it was about time to get out!

We walked for a while until I asked for a break and we started our picnic. We could see Grand-Maman's house in Switzerland from where we were sitting.

On the menu: bread, hard boiled eggs, local cheese, green salad (only for Mama), cherry tomatoes, banana and apple.

 Ready to go! we are continuing our exploration and will go up the "mountain" to Le Charcot where there is a view of the village and we can watch the sun set.

 Mama had brought our color pencils of course, it was lovely to draw all together in the grass while watching the sun (and the cows). We thought a lot about our Papa who can't spend time with us in France this year. We miss you Papa!

by me (Chloé): that's only the beginning of my drawing -> a slide and a swing, which I have only started to draw for the first time yesterday!