lundi 17 mars 2008

Making memories ... salt dough

Last summer, while I was in France, we started the important mission of "making memories" with my mum.
Chloé was 5 and 1/2 months and it was time to get her hand and foot prints. The easiest and cheapest way when you have an oven is taking them in the salt dough, and that's just what we have done! Here are some pictures of the session.... quite funny!
Taking hand prints first: Foot prints: Happy results:
Since then I have taken Chloé's prints one more time, and painted them in a frame... I am also planning to get her portrait done and another mission is to start making the first year's album. I should not wait too long...otherwise it might never happen!

1 commentaire:

Laetitia a dit…

je jette un coup d'oeil rapide sur les photos, et je me dis "mince! elle a pris un petit coup de vieux Marie! le soleil ne lui fait pas du bien"
et puis je lis le message...
moralité: tu ressembles énormément à ta mère, qui elle a l'air très jeune!
gros bisous