lundi 26 avril 2010

A day at the zoo!

Yesterday we went to the Singapore zoo with Papa, Mama and Mathias. It was very hot but such great fun!
We spent the morning walking around to check out the animals (parrots, white tigers, elephants, monkeys, hippopotamus etc... then watched an animal show (I was scared), then we had a break at the kidz world where there is a fantastic water playground.
I enjoyed it a lot with my Papa while Mama was looking after Mathias.
Unfortunately the camera ran out of battery, so we only managed to take pictures at the beginning of our journey.

a photo spot at the entrance of the zoo witht the parrots and cocatoes

"Do you want a smile? what for???"

"Ok, I will try... I am trying hard. Everybody is watching me, I am shy."

"The parrot behind me was making some strange movements with his head and won me over."

At the entrance of the white tigers spot...

I was fascinated by this male... it kept repeating the same movements over and over again!

Not sure if you can see the monkeys in the background, but you won't miss us!!!

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Anonyme a dit…

marie, the monkey is wearing the sunnies and had a haircut! hahahaha! love ate