lundi 24 mai 2010

Just woke up!

* photo credit to Chloe

3 commentaires:

Chuzai Living a dit…

His eyes are so gorgeous!! We went to 3 different birthday parties two Sundays ago. It was hectic. Did you get to take some photos? I hope you had a nice weekend! -Kaho

Marie a dit…

Thanks thanks thanks! I have seen on your blog that you attended 3 parties over the same weekend... that sounds like a lot to me!! I have got some pictures to post, but I am not feeling well these days and I haven't been much on internet ;-)

Anonyme a dit…

Hi Marie,
We were just going through old photos at your Ate Sally's last night and I noticed that Mathias had some resemblance to Angelo when he was a baby. I'll get Michael to post it on Facebook.

ATE Sherly