jeudi 2 septembre 2010

Cheng Ho with Emma Louise {part 1}

Emma and I

The Cheng Ho

Jeanie - Emma's mum - and Mama
{photo taken by me}

Busy harbour... the Cheng Ho had to find his way amongst all the other ships and cargos


My Mama and I

In the back, right: the brand new Marina Bay Sand casino, and Millenia Tower where my Papa is working

2 commentaires:

Kaho a dit…

Chloe did a good job taking photos!! How cute that this blog is written from your daughter's perspective. This is such a wonderful gift to your child! I like the colors you used, too!!

Marie a dit…

Thanks Kaho! I started this blog when Chloe was a baby back in 2007... it is actually very nice to go back in time and read it all over again! that's keeps me going :)