lundi 20 septembre 2010

Our great weekend!

View of part of the business district from Esplanade

Chloe is posing; in the background is the brand new casino Marina Bay Sand, including a hotel, shopping gallery, conference center, museum... etc... we haven't visited it yet!

Chloe is into jumping at the moment...
(dress bought last November at Target in Darwin)

Chloe LOVES posing... here in front of the national monument, the Merlion fontaine

on the opposite of the bay:
Suntec, Millenia Tower (where Dom is working - the highest tower)
and a couple of hotels.
On the left is the opera (the dome - beautiful but you can't really see).

other view of the Marina Bay Sand

there was a Kite festival in the Marina barrage area.
Unfortunately there wasn't much wind...

Counting the kites...

Mathias drinking his milk...
and this photo was taken just minutes before he vomited the entire bottle on me...
Great job Mathias!!

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Joef03 a dit…

Marvellous to be able to discover so pretty views of Singapore! Thanks, Marie.