mercredi 8 septembre 2010

Teacher's day - September 1, 2010 {Chloe}

September 1st in Singapore is teacher's day... the child care center was closed and the tradition wants the children to offer something to their teacher(s) in appreciation of their care and love. I am not sure if it extends to the preschools, primary and high schools etc... but Mama tends to think so as there was so much stuff in the shops celebrating teacher's day (in Singapore everything has to be translated in sales, shopping is the national hobby).
I decided with Mama to make something more personal though...

Set of handmade cards by myself for each teacher

Teacher Shaheeda is my main teacher

Teacher Ashikin is the assistant teacher

Teacher Norlinda (Nor) was my teacher last year

and I have a Chinese teacher as well!

Yaya Grace made the muffins that I decorated with Mama

Aren't they pretty?

They looked so yummy that I asked to have one as well!!

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