lundi 4 octobre 2010

A crafty Sunday afternoon {Chloe}

We felt crafty yesterday and after lunch, Mama decided it was time to try something she had in mind while the boys were having a nap... a door hanger with my name on it! We had these colorful sticks already, so it was time to do something with it.... I had fun as I love to use the glue and play with colors :)

Concentrated to put each stick close to each other;
I did it all by myself and Mama did her own by herself too.

When finished we had to let it dry for a while
before being able to write my name on it.

Look Mama, it's like a rainbow!

Mission completed!

Once we had finished the first craft, we were still feeling very creative, so Mama proposed to do some finger painting... I was very enthusiastic as it's one of my favorite activity at school!

We prepared the paper, then had a chocolaty break...

look at this marvelous blue!
I was printing my own hand on paper..

Mixing all colors, I even tried to draw a rainbow, but not very successfully...
(i.e the ugly yellowish/ greenish think right in the middle of my piece of art)

Et voila! next we will frame it to decorate my room :)

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