dimanche 28 novembre 2010

Visitors and family pictures {Chloe}

Last week was a busy week... Lolo and Nanai arrived on Tuesday and left Thursday morning and we were expecting the visit of Mama's friends Benedicte and Nicolas - whom we met in Vietnam last month, remember?

They arrived a bit later than expected, but stayed over the weekend. It was great. We did many things including a trip to the zoo and a BBQ by the pool with my friend Sofia and her parents.

Mr Gopal (our security guard in chief) took this picture yesterday, and it is quite good, don't you think so?

"Family" picture by the pool... Photo by Mr Gopal

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Chuzai Living a dit…

Very nice photo! I'm so glad you had visitors. Je suis contente que vous vous êtes amusés avec vos famille et copains.