lundi 10 janvier 2011

We are back from France!

We have never been wearing so many clothes at once! it was fun :)

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Chuzai Living a dit…

I quickly browsed through all of your recent posts!! Wow, how fun!! It is heartwarming to see your kids with your family. The snow looks lovely. Have you thought of putting a link of this blog on your Etincelle Studio blog as "elsewhere" or "another blog" or something? (I'm sorry, I'm not so creative with naming!!) I think people who come to your Etincelle blog would love to learn more about your personal life, too, through this blog if you are not opposed to making a link between them. You have such a sweet space here (your Etincelle blog is also very lovely) and it is different from Etincelle. I like your blog makeover that you have done recently, too. It's looking pretty!

Marie @ etincellestudio a dit…

Hi Kaho, thank you so much for your feedback and input... do you think that people would be so interested in seeing pictures of my kids and how we live here in Singapore? it is true that on FB people are interacting with me more often(with leaving comments etc...) when I talk about my kids... maybe you are right!
Maybe a lot of them can relate? I will try and we will see what happens ;)