lundi 21 février 2011

Birthday Party {by Mama}

So here we are with a collage of the best pictures I could find in my camera... it's so cliche, but I did not have time to take pictures and I forgot to delegate this task to someone else... now it's in my top 5 priorities to organize a successful birthday party as seen on my blog here last week.
Anyway I put a lot of efforts into this party and lucky me (!) it was very good and everyone enjoyed it (including parents, yeahh!!!). We prepared a lot of yummy food, there was a candy bar and mini cupcakes, a big birthday cake (sorry no decent picture)...

The highlights of the day was most certainly Miss Chloe who was suddenly too shy to blow her candles in front of (oh so many) guests... she disappeared under the table and her friends did the job!

Everyone enjoyed the party, it was very sweet to have all our friends together at once... it happens only once a year, so Chloe and Mathias felt very special and loved.


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