jeudi 28 avril 2011

Tito Jeff and Tita Cynthia's wedding {Chloe}

In April 16 was my Tito Jeff's wedding... Oh, the weather was quite bad with the rain pouring nearly all day, and it was too cold for me to wear my super cute dress bought especially for the wedding! I was very disappointed but luckily I had my new red shoes to help me get over it.
Mathias was wearing a new outfit too, and everybody said he was handsome. Can you spot a difference on his photo below? Tell me in the comment section ;)

Mathias in his new outfit, ready to go!

I was wearing a nice white dress with my red shoes 
and white socks {and I also had red hair accessories}

Although my Papa knows Sydney very well, he still had to look at the map to find the way to the church. He was one of the groom's best man, and he was busy all day looking after us and doing his duty... poor him!

My Papa took this photo of Mama and I in the church. 
Mathias didn't want to be part of it...

We stayed at the back of the church to see the bride's arrival, and we were not disappointed... Tita Cynthia was so beautiful my Mama nearly cried!

Tita Cynthia with her mum

At the end of the church ceremony, the bride and groom took many pictures... here is the most beautiful one Mama and I could take... See how happy Tito Jeff is!

This is was one of the flower girls {we forgot her name...}. She was so beautiful in her princess dress... I wanted to look like her and I became her friend. She had make up, earrings and shoes with heels and a big white dress like a bride!

One day I will be a flower girl too... which one of my Tatas will get married first?

Papa wants to get married all over again with Mama!!

Doesn't he look handsome? maybe I will get married to my Papa when I am a big girl.

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Anonyme a dit…

Dommage pour le noeud ! Encore un petit effort et ce sera parfait. Apprend lui les noeuds doubles et les cravates tenues dans le col de chemise. Sinon pour le reste, il est bel homme !