jeudi 12 mai 2011

An afternoon at Clovelly beach - Sydney {Chloe}

On Thursday afternoon the weather was really good so Papa & Mama decided to bring us to the beach once more (we were leaving on Saturday). We drove from Plumpton in the suburb (where my Papa grew up) to Clovelly beach which is next to Coogee Beach...

 This is Clovelly beach, probably one of the smallest beaches in Sydney! I was disappointed because they were no big waves to scare me... I like to be scared by the waves!

 Chloe, Miss Clovelly Beach 2011

 Spunky Monkey Mathias

 Here we are in Bondi beach... I am eating a delicious chocolate ice cream (Movenpick)... 
... end of the day, we are tired!

 Free show!

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