lundi 12 septembre 2011

Celebrating the Australian Father's day

Australians celebrate Father's day long after the rest of the world (why?). In fact it was the first Sunday of September... Chloe and Mathias' Papa was flying to Brunei on Monday for work, but we managed to make  some delicious cupcakes... and brainstormed with Chloe to come up with the 10 reasons why her Papa is the world's best dad:

1. You are the best cook ever
2. You work hard to support us
3. You always buy our favorite food

4. You are the only one to buy me Yakult {Chloe}
5. You are teaching is things like swimming in the deep waters in the pool
6. You often bring us on holiday where we need to take the plane

7. You love us!
8. You can dance like Michael Jackson
9. You make us laugh!

10. You are strong and so COOL!

Chloe and Mathias

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