jeudi 10 novembre 2011

Birthday Parties

October has been a busy month with loads of parties to attend... we started with Olivers's and Nicholas's parties {sorry no photos of the great train party of Oliver}, then it was Romy's "by the pool" party {no photos}, then Arsene's {with a magician!}, then Grace's princess party {no photos sorry}, and finally Guillaume & Kara's pirates/ mermaid party {last 2 photos}. I love the month of October, every year we get to go to so many parties!! but I think Mama is not as happy...

 Nicholas's birthday party at Fidgets. Can you see me?

Arsene's birthday party in the condominium.
Have you spotted me in the 1st & 3rd pictures?
-> why are my kids always so close to the birthday cake?

At Guillaume & Kara's party...

We also had a very scary Halloween party that my Mama organised. Almost all of us from the condo where here in our scary costumes and we had so much fun! Check out the pictures tomorrow ;-)

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