mercredi 16 novembre 2011

Build a Bear Birthday Party

Birthday parties never really stop... and the more friends you have the more parties you will (have to) attend.
On Monday last week was Karyna's birthday party - she was turning 4, and it was a very fun one for the kids. They got to "build" their own Teddy Bear and choose her/ his clothes. They had a blast and Bear Chloe is now sleeping every night with Miss C.

 Kids got to choose the color of their bear...

 Group photo with the bears...

Chloe with sweet Karyna and their bears

 Oh my, a Princess cake!

 Karyna is blowing the candles, and Chloe is making a wish! LOL

Now time to go home, every bear is cozily put inside a cardboard house with goodies:

Chloe with her friend Liv

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Anonyme a dit…

Bravo Chloé pour ce si beau nounours ! Il est magnifique et j'espère que tu dormiras bien avec. Je sens que le marchand de sable va passer bientôt !