jeudi 12 janvier 2012

Malaysia Road Trip /// Part 2 - The Moon River Lodge in Cameron Highlands 1

After leaving Melaka, we were on the road again (oh my!). We asked Papa to stop often so we could get some "fresh" air and run around. Mathias and I are not used to stay in the car for so long! We were also very fussy with our food, and both Papa & Mama got very angry at times :-(

During one of our many breaks

At some point we left the expressway (autoroute) and we started going up the mountain. A looooong and curvy road that lasted for hours. Luckily none of us got car sick! 
We reached a level where there was fog and hundreds of hundreds of greenhouses (des serres) in the middle of the jungle. People are growing vegetables, fruits (strawberries all year-round!) and flowers... they are then exported to neighboring countries such as Singapore. Fantastic landscapes! 

Are we still in Malaysia???

And guess what? we lost our way. We turned right where we were supposed to continue straight. I (Chloe) got sick (but not in the car, ouf!). We were all tired, a little bit called, the night was coming and we still had to find the Moon River Lodge where we were staying for the next couple of days.
Papa and Mama finally found the way, and we arrived (at night) in a lovely (and lively) place. I let you discover all by yourself with the photos below:

Our simple but pretty cool room (no attached bathroom)...

... where we could easily practice our summersaults!

Chloe mixing polka dots and stripes.

The Moon River Lodge is first a farm where they are growing vegetables. There are also some chickens, a noisy turkey (dindon), friendly doggies and a cat. It's in the middle of the jungle, and when it rains, it gets pretty muddy (horror!).

Mathias loved "playing" with the turkey! 
He would make any noisy sound and the turkey would immediately start his noise.
No toy can beat that!

The lodge's infrastructure is pretty simple. There are no rooms with attached bathrooms, we all shared toilets and showers. There was hot water though, and this is the most important! We took our meals all together as well, with other guests (all Singaporeans from Singapore). They were many kids and Chloe & Mathias really enjoyed themselves. They could run around freely, watch TV all together only after 5pm (thanks God there was no generator on during the day!) and play in the many hamocs (hamacs).

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