mardi 10 janvier 2012

Marraine Laure

Happy New Year everyone!

We are back from our holidays, and we have many many pictures to share with you. We did really a lot of things, and spent too much time in the car {Mathias and I think so}. We also went to the mountain, in a farm where they grow veggies {beurkk}. There were some animals such as a cat, doggies, chickens and a turkey that entertained us {Mathias especially} a lot. We also went to a butterfly park, to three different hotels and in a pool that was on the roof of the hotel. I am not sure which part of the trip I preferred, but I know that Malaysia is dirtier than Singapore and at the beginning I wanted to go back home!

Before I start sharing pictures of our holidays, I want to tell you that my Godmother Laure was in Singapore for Christmas, and she stayed longer to spend time with me when I came back from the trip. We went to the pool together and she also bought me a beautiful book with the story of a princess with no kingdom {I will tell you more about this later}.

 With Laure on the couch before she went out with my Mama

 I am wearing Mathias's crocs at the pool

 With Laure at the pool

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