dimanche 26 février 2012

Birthday Girl {Chloe}

 My birthday was last Thursday... since my Mama was so busy preparing our party on Saturday, she invited my girlfriend over for a playdate right after school! we had a blast playing in my room first, then watching the DVD of Bambi next before Mama took some time off and brought us to our favorite ice-cream shop: The Daily Scoop!!
Liv and Karyna had lemon sorbet and I got my regular scoop of strawberry ice-cream...

 Princess Liv

 Princess Chloe (with her new mermaid/ Princess Ariel doll)

 Princess Karyna

 Prince Mathias (always on the move!)

 The Princesses gang (Emma was missing unfortunately!)

How much do you love my new dress? -> handmade by my Mama for my birthday

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