lundi 10 septembre 2012

A weekend in Izu Peninsula

This past weekend we went to Izu peninsula with Papa. We don't have so many chances to see him at the moment as he's working a lot and this little trip was great! Izu is only 200km from Tokyo {south} and it's got beautiful beaches and great food too {although Mathias and I don't know yet how to appreciate it}. We certainly loved our time at the beach!

Look at the crystal clear water!

The photos below were taken on the way down south the peninsula. You can view Mont Fuji in the back. My Papa climbed this mountain last month!

This was our room in the accommodation. We slept on futons all together, Japanese style. How fun!

Photo taken by our host when we left :-)

Mama wrote an entire post about our trip here on her blog; go have a look, she's showing very nice pictures that she took!

Thank you Papa for bringing us there!

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