vendredi 13 mai 2011

The day we saw wild kangaroos... {Chloe}

I forgot to tell you about the day we saw three wild kangaroos when we were still in Jervis Bay! The first one was very small, Mathias didn't see it because he was sleeping. The second one is pictured here below.
And the third one was on the way back to the car from another beach... we were climbing up the hill when we saw a very big kangaroo staring at us from the top (he was bending over at first). Then he suddenly stood up and we got really scared because he was maybe 2m high! then he jumped toward us, and we started walking back - Papa said the kangaroo wanted maybe to box with him. At the end he turned right and disappeared in the bush... and we quickly went back to the car! OUF!!!

 Very cute! I loved watching the kangaroo eating the grass.

 It was windy and a bit cold!

 Papa and Mathias are always ahead of us!

 What are they checking out in the sky? a plane?

After we had a good play in the water. Mathias really loved playing in the waves, he was laughing a lot!

Next I will post photos of our outing to the local zoo with my cousins... stay tuned!

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