lundi 16 mai 2011

Good Friday Family Lunch {Chloe}

Hello, this is my last post about my holiday in Australia! The day before we left we had a big lunch with all my cousins... it was so much fun! I could choose what I wanted to eat, especially the dessert... later in the afternoon I told Mama that I had eaten too much chocolate!

Ate Shasha with Nanay

Lolo & Nanay with the three boys (out of four) of the family!
from left to right: Miguel, Kuya Christian and Mathias

It was hard to finish my plate... even though it was all chocolate (and ice cream)!

My Tita Sherly with her prince (Tito Manny)

My cousins and I: Ate Chenel was the only one missing...
from left to right: Ate Jona, Shasha, Jesi and Savannah

The same bunch of girls with Nanay & Lolo
We missed you Ate Chenel and Kuya Angelo!

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