vendredi 3 juin 2011

Mama's challenges {Chloe}

My Mama has this new thing at the moment... she's giving herself challenges on top of her workload so that things like making her wedding albums - or my album when I was a baby, get a chance to be done at some point.

Her first challenge was to make me a new dress with a batik fabric from Indonesia she bought early last year. She also used the embroidery of a shirt Papa had from India (too small for him). I modeled my new dress yesterday:

I never allow Mama to tie up my hair like this, but she "bribed" me and put make up on me in exchange.
The little horse is my new plushie. My Mama made it for me :)
I think it's part of a project she's working on at the moment... shhhht, still a secret!
I have called her Cinderella (!) and Mathias wants to play with her but I don't let him, he might break her. Mama said she will make another one just for Mathias.
I think it's a good idea...

Credit: Horse pattern by Melly and Me
Photos by Mama for Etincelle Creative Studio

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