lundi 23 janvier 2012

Malaysia Road trip /// Part 2 - The Moon River Lodge in Cameron Highlands 2

Days are passing by and I forgot to continue sharing pictures of our Malaysian holiday trip... The most interesting and dirty part is just about to be shown though.... As mentioned is the previous post, we spent three days in the Cameron Highlands, north of capital Kuala Lumpur. We stayed in a "farm" where they are growing vegetables. The day after our arrival, we spent a good amount of time our feet in the mud... not that everyone liked it {Ms Chloé hated the experience!}.

 Mama, where are my boots?...

 Moments de complicité... 

In the morning we had a session of planting corn seeds. Tools were conveniently placed outside in front of the house under canopies (rainy season). There was no more boots for Chloé to borrow, so the little one had to keep her slippers. She hated it and asked to go back to Singapore presto :-)

We then climbed up a very very muddy road to visit the vegetable garden. We had to carry the kids as it was a bit dangerous... at the top was a doggy in a cage. It kept Chloé and Mathias entertained while the rest  of the group was going further up.

 My man!

Employees' accommodation and some veggies

Can you notice the green houses (serres) in the background? the jungle is slowly disappearing... 

French beans (haricots verts)

 Now you have a better idea of what we had to climb up and then go down. Not really enjoyable (to my opinion...)

Mixing the mud with some fresh soil...

Next I will share pictures of the afternoon trip to visit an organic farm... Stay tuned!

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