lundi 23 janvier 2012

Malaysia Road trip /// Part 2 - The Moon River Lodge in Cameron Highlands 3

Following my previous post, here below are photos of an afternoon excursion in a nearby organic farm. Most vegetables are sent to Singapore. The farmer is a former physics teacher in Penang... yeahh!!

... a monster that was crawling next to the toilet/ sinks... eeeekkk!!

 Look at the weather!! Brrr, it looks more like Brémoncourt than Malaysia, don't you think?

 Chloe in the back of the 4 wheels drive (4x4) with her Papa... while Mathias and I were comfortably seated inside a pick-up truck.

 My Mama!

 Children getting tired (me too!)

 Organic house? entirely build by hand with local mud :-)

Visiting the farm facilities

Eating organic food keeps you healthy and is cheaper in the long run says the farmer. True!

Chloé with her new friends

 Healthy, beautiful vegetables!

Dropping leaves in the stream

 Local cows

 Our super friendly group!

 If you see the roads we drove, it was a bit crazy!

 My super man!

Father and daughter

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